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 The OR

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PostSubject: The OR   Sun Nov 08, 2009 11:41 pm

incase you heard of this and were wondering what it is (i was until i read this)

Object Restructure

What is it?
The Object Restructure is precisely what its name suggests - a restructuring of the current object inheritance model in our code. More specifically, this means that we are reworking the polymorphic hierarchy of objects. Additionally, we are rethinking the logical interaction of objects and reconfiguring their members and methods to be both more simplistic and powerful.

"Wait what?!"
The Object Restructure is a vast undertaking, which will take much of the developmental focus available to the project. Development has progressed at a surprising rate in the last year, and some inconsistencies have arisen in the code base. Furthermore, some new discoveries have been made which more accurately depict the model we desire to accomplish. The Object Restructure is basically a quick refactoring of code. We are moving existing code around, simplifying it, and making it more logical and easy to understand. It will impact every facet of the current code base, requiring all aspects to be retested thoroughly upon release.

Why are we doing it?
As we draw closer to the inevitable release of SWGEmu 1.0 and the launch of SunCrusher Beta, we have come to realize that we need to standardize and conventionalize the code base in many areas. It has become unmanageable in some areas, obfuscated to hopeful developers. In order to best serve the community and its aspirations for contribution, we feel that restructuring the code to be much more readable and modifyable is a mutually beneficial situation.

How long will it take to finish?
Though we adhere to our policy of NEVER releasing ETAs, it is safe to suggest that the Object Restructure should be completed no later than the end of August, and, if all goes well, possibly at least a month sooner. However, we again ask that NO ETAs are asked in regard to this question. We are all busy in real life, and devote our time freely to this project. Please have the mutual respect we share with you, and observe this request.

What happens when it is finished?
When the Object Restructure has been finished, it will be rolled out to TC:Nova for deep testing. During this time, we will see the rapid development of all non-existing features which will make up SWGEmu 1.0. At the conclusion of this testing phase, we will open SunCrusher Beta, and begin our Beta phase testing prior to the release of SWGEmu 1.0.

Current State of TC:Nova
Currently, TC:Nova is running on SVN revision 1467. This revision is extremely stable and has ran consecutively without crash or deadlock for over 9 days twice in a row - a testament to the supremity of Engine3. The current core is only utilizing 1-3% of the CPU processing power even at peak times with 200+ players online. This is quite an achievement. Unfortunately, TC:Nova will be staying in its current state until the Object Restructure has been completed and is ready to be rolled out. We encourage players to play and have fun during this time, as you will not need to worry about database wipes until the object restructure hits.

so soon-ish they are gonna wipe the character database... makes me not want to do anymore grinding

feel for all the jedi lol

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PostSubject: Re: The OR   Mon Nov 09, 2009 8:26 pm

thats what i thought aswell. The thing is there will be jedi even quicker after the wipe this time because everyone knows the system.
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The OR
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